Schoolgirl “too large” was removed from lessons


www.vsyako.netKada Jones with materioteca: The Sun / Solent News

14-year-old Kadu Jones was removed from lessons due to the fact that the standard form of the English school in Portchester too small. It is reported by The Sun.

All the students of this school are required to wear the same uniform: a blue blazer and grey pleated skirt. The girl wore a jacket, but the skirt was too small. The girl wore a thing the same color, but the teachers made a remark to her. They said she will have to learn at home, if she doesn’t come in a standard form. The girl argues that cried because of the words of the teachers five days.

Her 54-year-old mother Carlene Jones says that her daughter is fully healthy from a medical point of view. She noted that if the girl was dressed “like a punk rocker or something”, you would understand school management. However, this skirt, in her opinion, similar to school.

Headmaster Richard Carlisle told the newspaper that all students must abide by the same rules. He said that the school administration is in search of a uniform that would fit her and meet the requirements of the educational institution.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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