Sentsov has assessed conditions of detention in a Russian prison


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Released in an exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine filmmaker Oleg Sentsov told about the conditions of detention in a Russian prison. Relevant post he made on his page in Facebook.

According to him, the prisoners in Russia are not allowed phones and the Internet. “There are prisons, where such prohibited items are present. But I’m in such places are extremely rare, only passing through on the stage,” he wrote. Sentsov has confessed that he mostly stayed in “the most isolated, sad places, about these things, nobody thought”.

As said the Director, having received the communication, he held a brief conversation with the family, which was told that he was alive and where he was going. Your post on the social network Sentsov was accompanied by a photograph taken in a Russian prison on the eve of the new year 2016.

Previously convicted in Russia for terrorism for 20 years Sentsov burned orange jumpsuit, wished the Russian captors “burn in hell”. The events were watched by family members and acquaintances of the Director, including children. After Rob was in the fire, cries of “Glory to Ukraine!” and “Good burn!” The Ukrainian admitted that he felt relieved after his act.

Oleg Sentsov has returned to Ukraine on 7 September. With him as part of an exchange between Moscow and Kiev at home arrived and the other Ukrainians, including 24 sailors who were detained in the Kerch Strait in November 2018. The exchange took place according to the formula “35 on 35”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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