The daughter of the leading “let’s get married!” called the main problem of the mother


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Taras Litvinenko / RIA Novosti

The daughter of Russian actress and presenter Larisa Guzeeva Olga believes that her mother adheres to a certain image in the course of work on the television show “let’s get married!”. She spoke about it in an interview with PeopleTalk, published on Sunday, September 15.

According to her, the program come to “real people” who are “freaking me out” of being on set for the Federal channel, and begin to behave inappropriately. “Mom we have it all pass through itself. This is her main problem,” she said.

The expert added that not just talking Guzeeva that “it’s just a job”, but that, in her opinion, “there can be different”. The girl stressed that the presenter repeatedly gave the project his phone number and helped them if they asked for help.

“When they say: “Guzeeva hillbilly, boorish”, I think, and that she should behave like Queen Elizabeth? Over Elizabeth is not worth as much as the cameras!” — said Olga. She also noticed that Guzeeva “has every right” to respond rudely to rude comments on social media. According to her, leading even able to swear beautifully.

31 may guzeyeva told about the period of his addiction and how she struggled with addiction. Presenter confessed that he suffered from beatings, when she lived with her first husband, a drug addict. “They beat me like a drum, and rightly so. Well — killed. He knocked the dumbbell at his head and watched dilate my pupils or narrowed. Just sat there and beat me with a dumbbell”, she shared with the audience and characters to your program.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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