The former President of Poland gave the Council Zelensky


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Ukraine’s image may suffer if the new government in the face of Russian President Vladimir Zelensky will politically haunt former head of state Petro Poroshenko. That opinion has been shared by the ex-President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski in an interview with “bi-Bi-si Ukraine”.

The politician noted that the perpetrators, regardless of their status, really should answer to the law, but it should be done “independently and transparently”.

“There cannot be political solutions. (…) It’s bad. If Poroshenko did something incorrect, the courts in this matter — they are, without a President, without a political factor,” he said.

The interlocutor of the edition emphasized that Zelensky, therefore, should refrain from revenge. If the Ukrainian President “will do what he wants, because this is revenge”, it will have a negative impact primarily on the it and its image “a young man who looks to the future (…) and wants to create a modern democratic country.”

Kwasniewski suggested that the international community will certainly react at the beginning of this “political play” because, in his words, Poroshenko was a respected partner of many European leaders, who “will not just sit and watch” what is happening.

In Ukraine, Poroshenko is involved in 13 criminal cases. In three of them he was held as a witness. Former head of state is suspected of attempt of usurpation of judicial power, treason, legalized offshore laundering and other crimes. The official announcement of the ex-President has not been charged.

September 5, President Vladimir Putin warned the Ukrainian authorities from “crackdown” against the parliamentary opposition. According to him, the opposition supports a significant part of Ukrainian voters, which is confirmed by the results of the last parliamentary elections. In addition, the opposition parties do not violate the law and “do not run the space,” the Russian leader said.

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