The guy wanted to test the loyalty of the girl and brought under the court of three people


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An attempt to test the loyalty of a girl taken by the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, Henan province, over the fact that both accused satanstoe, and the man he hired to check, went to jail. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

A young man found on the Internet provocateur by the name of Jan, providing services for the test of loyalty, provided him with information about his girlfriend, whose name was song, and asked me to seduce her. So he wanted to make sure that she won’t cheat on him.

Yang began to communicate with the sun in WeChat messenger. After a long conversation he offered her a romantic relationship. Having been refused, the agent provocateur was offended and started to insult the girl.

Only after that, soon wondered where Jan got her phone number, address and passport number. In response to her questions he lied that he worked the “Internet police” and has information not only about her but also about all the residents of the city.

Sun has posted the correspondence in the social network and refused to remove, despite the request of Ian, who admitted that he was hired to test the faithfulness. At its screenshots drew the attention of law enforcement and began an investigation.

As a result of all three accused is that they are involved in bickering, and sowing discord. Yang was detained, sun and her boyfriend are still at large.

In August it was reported that an anonymous millionaire appealed to the online shop luxury items Hush Hush with a request to find a lover for his bride. He hoped to ensure that her concern is not only for his money.

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