The man has protected the bride from mad bear and died


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mike Groll / Associated Press

In Armenia for tourists from Poland was attacked by the bear. About it reports TASS.

On Saturday, September 14, at the emergency situations Ministry called the Polish citizen and told that the bear had wounded her companion 33 — year-old man, with whom she was climbing one of the peaks of Aragats. At the scene, flew a medevac helicopter. Three hours later doctors pronounced the death of the victim. The woman was taken to medical center of Ashtarak city.

“Sputnik Armenia” writes that the attack occurred at the height of 3.5 thousand meters. The bear grabbed the pole, who tried to protect his bride, with him rolled down the mountain slope, and then ran away.

On approval of the Vice-President of the Armenian Federation of mountaineering and mountain tourism Suren Danielyan, at the weather station on Aragats still hear the noise from the bear. The Federation called for the repeal of the ascent to eliminate the threat, RIA Novosti reported. “There are concerns because of the unknown of aggression and abnormal behavior,” explained Danielyan.

In Armenia inhabited by Syrian brown bears — a rare subspecies of brown bear occurring in the Caucasus and the mountains of the Middle East. Earlier, their number in this country has reached 400 individuals. During the Second world war, Polish soldiers took into the pay of the Syrian brown bear Wojtek. He helped the gunners to unload the ammunition boxes and tray shells.

Aragats is the highest mountain range in Armenia. His height is 4090 meters. The bottom slopes of the mountain covered by forests.

In 2014, it was reported that in Armenia the restaurant ran kept there bear. For his capture were employed veterinarians. The animal was soon found and returned to the enclosure. During transport, the predator was put down.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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