The Russians have talked about foster care for the elderly


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrey Arkhipov / RIA Novosti

The Russians spoke about the registration of custody of the elderly in the framework of the social project “Foster family for elderly”. This is reported by “Izvestia”.

The project involves the conclusion of a tripartite agreement between the institution of social service, helper and elderly person, according to which the assistant will take care of the lonely old man. A social institution is committed to training the caregiver, to provide social taxi, rent special equipment for people with disabilities and household items.

Usually elderly people in foster families take them back. Most elderly people remain at home, but sometimes moves to the assistant.

Rufina Markova from village the Wasp of the Ivanovo region issued a custody Rimma Wasp that lives in a neighboring village. “I’ve always liked this family, and Rimma Mikhailovna, and her late husband, and wonderful children. And when you each other know for a long time, and even feel sympathy and to care about this man want,” said the assistant.

Ward Markovoy thanked her and called happiness that she cares about her.

Foster homes popular in remote villages where there are no social workers and older people can’t get regular help. Social workers say that in each of these regions there are always those willing to take the man into custody. While none of those who voluntarily assumed the obligations of an assistant, not refused care.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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