The Russians will give squatted land


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

From 16 September 2019 effect of changes in land legislation according to which citizens will be able to legitimize self-willedally busy land plots. This is stated in the press release of the Federal registration service, arrived in edition “”.

Amendments to the Federal law “On cadastre activities and On state registration of real estate” will allow the Russians to make the ownership of illegally occupied land. A prerequisite for this is the use of the land for more than 15 years and no complaints from neighbors and local authorities. The square footage shall not exceed the minimum amount established in the region. If the limit is not set, then the join area must not exceed 10 percent of the basic plot is purchased legally.

After entering into the Unified state register of real estate details about the land and location objects from the owners will no longer need to carry out cadastral works at his own expense: it will allocate the budget.

Cadastral work is carried out to clarify the boundaries of land plots, buildings, structures and unfinished construction, and to fix registry errors. This is the most common reason gardeners can’t put on account of personal plots and public land in accordance with the law.

In August 2019 Rosreestr prepared for the citizens manual, which will help to coordinate with the neighbors the parcel boundaries. The owners for the resolution of disputes should apply to the cadastral engineer, who will conduct a special procedure and the total relevant documents.

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