Act utopische younger sister of the Russians explained


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vadim Bradow / RIA Novosti

17-year-old schoolgirl from Bashkir Salavat recessed oppressing her homework seven year old sister due to psychological trauma. On Monday, September 16, RIA Novosti said the Commissioner for children’s rights in Bashkortostan Milana Skorobogatova.

According to her, the sisters came into foster care two years ago after their mother was deprived of parental rights.

She added that his older sister received a severe psychological trauma because their mother was not involved in the upbringing of children. Friend their mothers scored their guardians, her family brought up three minor children.

On 15 September it was reported that the Russian woman, determined to soothe kapriznaya younger sister, who interfere with her homework, bringing the kids in the bath and drowned her in a basin of water. On this fact criminal case about the murder of a minor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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