Boeing announced the reforms after the disasters with the 737 MAX


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Lindsey Wasson / Reuters

American aircraft building concern Boeing has announced reforms to improve the safety problem of aircraft 737 max. This was announced by The New York Times, citing a source in the company.

According to him, Boeing will officially present the findings of the Committee which studied the types of reforms of the security in the upcoming week. The members of the Committee for five months, interviewed employees of Boeing, executives of other airlines and experts in security issues to improve the reliability of the aircraft.

According to the results of an internal investigation, the company plans to establish a team of specialists who will monitor the implementation of the tasks of different units and to conduct a full exchange of information between them. In addition, Boeing will change the development process of cabins for future aircraft to meet the requirements of the “new generation of pilots, some of whom have enough experience”.

The concern also will force engineers to report on the development of new models of aircraft to the chief engineer, not managers, in charge of the project. According to the source, this reform will slow down the process of creating a new aircraft, but will help to eliminate problems at the development stage.

Over the past year in the world recorded two plane crashes involving Boeing 737 MAX, they killed 346 people. The last crash occurred on 10 March in Ethiopia. The plane crashed six minutes after taking off from the airport of Addis Ababa. All 157 people on Board were killed. Among victims — citizens of 33 countries, including three Russians.

After that, most of the world, including Russia, have suspended the operation of the aircraft. By the end of June 400 civil aviation pilots filed a class action lawsuit against Boeing for damages. It is assumed that the aircraft will once again use not before 2020.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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