Dying groom had to hurry with the wedding


www.vsyako.netDebbie and mark Superfoto: Debbie Cooper

A couple from the British city of Kingston upon hull had to hurry with the wedding because of a deadly disease that slowly kills the groom. This writes the newspaper the Hull Daily Mail.

Debbie (Debbie) and mark Cooper (Mark Cooper) 11 years together, but were planning to marry until next year. In August 2018, the Brand health has deteriorated. The doctors suspected a stroke, but after a few months came to the conclusion that he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a slowly progressive degenerative disease of the Central nervous system. Over the next two years, mark will lose the ability to walk and talk, and then die.

Debbie and mark decided to get married early, while he was still able to go to the altar and read the wedding vows. “Before the ceremony, we told the Registrar about the wedding of his illness, which he utters bad words and hardly speaks the whole sentence — said Debbie. They were understanding and gave us both the text of the oath in parts not longer than two words.” After the wedding the couple went to Turkey on honeymoon.

In August it was reported that in the Chinese city Janjo the woman died during the wedding ceremony, which was arranged in the hospital. The death of the bride interrupted the ceremony for a few minutes before the couple was announced husband and wife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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