Maternity leave for women was the longest in the world


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The Russians are in the decree leave the longest women in the world. This was stated by head of the laboratory of quantitative methods of research REU name of G. V. Plekhanova Elena Egorova, reports RIA Novosti.

“In most developed countries, excluding Nordic and former Soviet bloc countries, by our standards, quite a small vacation for 3-4 months, and not always paid. Women pretty quickly go to work to earn money to keep their workplace”, — said the expert.

According to Yegorova, the closest to Russia for the duration of maternity leave was Norway, where an official paid holiday lasts 61 weeks. At the same time Russia, according to Rosstat, the average duration of the decree is 29 months, and by law a woman has the right to be in the leave for child care until, until he turns 3 years.

Yegorov also noted that in Russia, women on maternity leave are guaranteed continued employment and payment of social insurance Fund. However, salary in full, the Russians can only get the first 20-28 weeks of vacation, while in Norway it is paid to the women throughout the time of maternity leave.

The expert also noted that, for example, in the US, women on leave to care for a child does not guarantee the preservation of jobs, and the leave is unpaid and lasts 12 weeks. In Canada vacation time and maternity leave is 17 weeks, plus 35 weeks of leave to care for a child in the UK 6 and 33 weeks, respectively.

On 20 September last year, Deputy Minister of labor and social protection Alexei Vovchenko said that among Russian fathers only 2-2,5% go on vacation for child care. He added that in Russia men and women the same rights to the child.

In March, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said that Russian women on average earn 30 percent less than men. According to her, the Russians have a lot of opportunities, but do not reach the same level of education, career and income as men.

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