McGregor had left a mysterious message and forced to talk about his return


www.vsyako.netConor Macgrigoriae: Mary Altaffer / Reuters

Irish fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Conor McGregor left a message in his Twitter that his fans felt a hint of returning to the octagon.

MacGregor wrote: “Dublin, December 14th.” Members of the Irish has assumed that thus the fighter announced the place and date of his next fight. Users also suggested that the opponent of an athlete will be an elderly man, of which McGregor was beaten in a bar in April.

The Irishman last time out in the octagon in October 2018 and lost to Russia’s Habib Nurmagomedova in the battle for the belt the ultimate fighting championship (UFC) lightweight champion. On 15 September it became known that UFC in the summer of 2019, the planned fight McGregor vs American Justin Gati, but the Irishman refused due to a hand injury.

The last victory in the octagon he won in 2016 — McGregor defeated former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez. The Irishman — a former champion of promotion in two weight categories. He won 21 and lost four.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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