Russia has decided to ban the killing of stray animals


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The Russian government approved guidelines for the treatment of neglected animals, according to which they should be captured so that it did not lead to injury, injury, and death. About it reports “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, now stray animals are not engaged in “unwarranted aggression”, it is proposed to release into the wild after sterilization and treatment. The guidance also States that the vehicle companies allowsyou should be equipped with “special technical devices, ensuring the safety of people and the humane treatment of animals.” Also, now engaged in catching of neglected animals, the company will be obliged to take them to a shelter, where they will be spayed, chipped and treated.

However, according to experts, detpriemnik in the regions of Russia are not yet ready to operate under new rules due to lack of funding. “No funds for these purposes in the budgets have not been laid. We have in some regions of the shelters just yet. They are located in gardens, in private apartments, in the countryside, but in fact they are not legalized,” — said the publication the Deputy chief of management of veterinary science of the Ministry of agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region Natalia Ershova.

“Financing for the implementation of the rules required in other volumes. At least 21 days the animal should be kept in shelter, to feed him, care for him. This includes the cost of sterilization, castration, vaccination against rabies, treatment, humane transportation, video recording,” — said the chief state veterinary inspector of the Kurgan region Tatyana Sandakova.

The instructions are contained in the law “About responsible treatment of animals”, which was approved at the end of 2018. Previously, the law did not prohibit the killing of stray animals that angered animal welfare activists. Now the only way to regulate the population of these animals was the scheme of OSW (catch — spay — vaccinate — release), clarifies the issue.

At the end of last year, the state Duma adopted in the third final reading the law about responsible treatment of animals, which was introduced in 2010. The law fully prohibits the killing of animals, under whatever pretext, including shooting on the streets and organizing fights. In addition, the law prohibits to keep at home, in the bars and restaurants of wild animals and requires owners to clean up after to walk dogs.

In 2017, the penalties have increased for cruelty to animals. The maximum sanction of article 245 of the criminal code (“cruelty to animals”) was increased from two to five years of imprisonment. Also, amendments were made to article 258.1 (“Illegal hunting of red-listed animals”), according to which a more severe penalty (five years imprisonment) threatens not only use their position to officials, but also to those who will broadcast their actions on the Internet.

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