The girl accidentally revealed his mistake when shampooing and get rid of dandruff


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The lady Reddit with nick SilverPurse told about how by accident realized that washing his hair is wrong for more than 10 years. She wrote about this in the post, scored 28 thousand likes.

According to the girl, almost my entire adult life, she was tormented by the fact that her head had a lot of dandruff. She was convinced that the cause is dry skin on her head, however, purchased specially medicated shampoos didn’t help. Several times barbers told the lady that she needs a better washing of the head, but she thought they were wrong.

When SilverPurse was 25 years old, she decided to clean the ears with shampoo and heard clear skin issued a squeak. In this moment she realized that she did not hear this creaking from their hair since when I was a kid.

She remembered that growing up, my father washed her head, pressing firmly with your fingers on the scalp and scrubbing the dirt from her. As soon as she started to wash the head itself, it did not apply to this case as well: it was done on hair shampoo, a little rubbed his hands and then washed.

SilverPurse when you wash your hair, dandruff immediately disappeared. “I told the hairdresser that helped me cure not to admit that I’m a slut”, said the girl.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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