The most unaffordable housing in Moscow has become even more inaccessible


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

For the year from August 2018 square meter of apartments in elite new buildings of Moscow has risen by 104 thousand rubles, up to 962 thousand, follows from the materials of the Agency “BEST-Novostroy”, arrived in edition “”.

According to analysts, in the segment of apartments “the square” over the specified period added to the price of 125 thousand by the fall of 2019, he was worth 880 thousand rubles. The city has implemented more than 60 luxury residential complexes: 36 with apartments and 28 apartments and two projects of mixed type.

Last August, the prices expensive housing market rose modestly, experts say, by about percent. But in annual terms the growth amounted to 12% for apartments and 17 for the property.

In “BEST-Novostroy” expect that in the medium term, the demand for luxury property in Moscow will remain stable, but only under the condition of preserving the “moderate” pricing, and special discounts and promotions for buyers.

Earlier, in August, it became known that the most expensive Russian apartment sold in Moscow for 968 million. By the standards of real estate it is not very big (240 square metres) but is located in a renovated tenement house in 1812 and rich decorations on the facade, which explains its high cost. The building is located on the territory of elite residential complex near the Nikitsky gates.

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