Vienna sausage was dangerous



Expert centre of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” conducted a study of a Vienna sausage. Test reports are available “”.

Verification took part of the product brand “spring”, “Klinskoe”, “Myasnov/Cherkizovo”, “Coswell”, “Snezhana”, “Mikoyan” and “Every day”. Samples were purchased directly in stores where buy ordinary consumers. Safety test failed sausage brands “Rublevsky” and “Every day”: it found the bacteria coliform.

In addition, the experts found that in almost all the samples were identified the ingredients that were not specified in the composition. For example, in the sausage “Klinskoe” found starch and soy protein isolate, and the presence of soy which is an allergen, on the label are not spelled out. In “Myasnov/Cherkizovo” has found a pork rind, the “three bears” — rice flour and Rublevskoe — DNA of a bird. After the inspection, to buy recommended products of all brands except the “Rublev”, “Klin” and “Every day”.

In March, “Roskontrol” conducted a study of conventional sausages. In four samples out of five were found not declared ingredients: in “Klin” sausages particles pork rind, in “Ostankino” — the starch, in “Dymov” vegetable carbohydrate component in the “VELCOM” is the starch, fiber and DNA of a bird.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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