Woman accidentally sent indecent photos of children and regretted


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Candid photos, made by a British woman named Samantha (Samantha), was admitted to the network due to the fact that the woman accidentally sent them the wrong address. This writes the Sun.

Samantha rested in the Spanish city of Benidorm, where he visited a sex show. She wanted to share taken during his photo with your friends in WhatsApp messenger, but by mistake sent them to the chat of the football team, which includes children under seven years.

The woman found that he had sent pictures to the wrong people, only the next morning when she wrote about this husband. “We all know you’re in Benidorm, but I don’t think these photos are suitable for this chat”, — he wrote.

Samantha apologized for the incident, deleted the message with pictures and asked to do the same thing the other band members. Despite this, one of those who joined the chat, I managed to take a screenshot and spread it in social networks.

According to the source, Sun, Samantha feels depressed and embarrassed after what happened.

Earlier in June 2019, the Briton Daniel Kane (Danielle Cain) accidentally sent photos of his scorched buttocks to the online shop of carpets Carpets At Home. The woman admitted that the picture was meant for her boyfriend.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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