American astronaut spoke about Russian music on the ISS


www.vsyako.netNick Helloto: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

NASA astronaut Nick Hague told, what sounds on the International space station (ISS). It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to him, the playlist is constantly changing, because the inhabitants of the station have agreed to turn the music on at a time. Because now aboard the ISS are Italian and the American astronaut (Luca Parmitano, Nick Hague, Christina cook and Andrew Morgan) and two Russian cosmonaut (Alexander Skvortsov and Alexei Ovchinin), “musical diversity helps to appreciate the international component of the crew,” he said.

Hague added that “to hear some traditional music from Russia for dinner is a very pleasant change and dive”.

5 Sep cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov complained about the lack of space on the ISS. He reported to the mission control Center that if the delivered goods are not taken into account the amount of places to store them. As an example, he cited the proposal of the experts to place the cargo behind the panel in one of the modules, but there was not.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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