Called the incidence of brain cancer in Russia


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The incidence of primary brain tumors in Russia is 23 cases per 100 thousand population is about 34 thousands of cases a year. This was stated by the expert of Russian society of clinical Oncology Gregory Kobyakov, reports RT.

According to Kobyakov, of all cases of malignant tumors account for just over 30 percent (from 9.5 thousand to 10.5 thousand new cases per year). He noted that in recent years, these diseases are best detected by increasing the number of devices of magnetic resonance imaging and spiral computed tomography.

The expert also noted that the most problematic brain tumor is glioblastoma, which arises from the fourth grade. Predictions including tumor location and number of lesions. “There have been cases of full recovery from this aggressive tumor, but in most cases, even with good intermediate results, glioblastoma is progressing,” — said the Minister.

Among the main indications for the development of malignant brain tumor expert called headache, sometimes with nausea and vomiting, reduced level of alertness or disturbance of consciousness. He noted that there may also be a violation in the opposite hemisphere of the affected limbs, difficulty of speech, memory, narrowing of the visual fields.

Earlier, the Russians warned about the symptoms of cancer. Among them, the oncologists indicated including sudden weight loss, unexplained fever, waves of fatigue and sleepiness. So, blood in the urine and the stool may indicate cancer of the urinary tract or colon, education on the lining of the mouth and spots on the lips can speak about cancer of the oral cavity or oropharynx.

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