Dirt-covered cabin of a premium airline angered passengers


www.vsyako.netFrame: The Sun

The British passengers were on the plane with a dirt-covered area and couldn’t keep the disgust. His story leads The Sun.

Paul Lucas (Paul Lucas) traveled by the liner of the Chinese airline Hainan Airlines from Dublin to Edinburgh. When the man was going to sit in his chair, his attention was attracted by a huge black stains on the upholstery and other traces of dirt.

In addition, around the seats were scattered Cutlery, leftovers and lids from bottles, and the walls were covered with stains from coffee. Folding table ahead of the standing seat also was not washed-there’s spots of dried food and beverages.

“The plane stayed in Dublin longer than two hours, but obviously it was not cleaned for several weeks, —commented on his experience with Lucas. — This situation is a shame for an airline that positions itself as a premium”.

In conclusion, the Briton said that the food he was offered during the flight was dry, mushy and tasteless.

In June, the passenger of the other aircraft found dirty panties on my seat in the plane and shared horror in social networks. 36-year-old Rebecca Naish traveled a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Las Vegas. She said that while boarding was found black lace underwear on the seat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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