Lightning reaction of a child saved the life of his dying mother


www.vsyako.netJennifer and William Lambek: North Wales Live

In the English town of Flintshire, Wales, eight-year-old boy saved mother who had anaphylactic shock. About this newspaper the Daily Mirror.

34-year-old Jennifer lamb, the mother of two children, was at home with his son William. The woman ate the chocolate that caused severe allergic reaction, and start to suffocate. She began to throw things and make sounds to attract baby’s attention.

William ran up to his mother and called her an ambulance. Lamb remembers the call her son: “I did not hear the whole conversation, but I remember he said to the dispatcher: “Mommy is bad, she’s choking””. The boy quickly complied with the doctor’s recommendation: he put the mother on the floor and threw her head back to open her airway. Then he revealed to the medical staff the front door and waited for their arrival.

“The doctor arrived within ten minutes — said lamb. — But William, without a doubt, saved my life.” The Welshman was taken to the hospital and took the tests, which will reveal the cause of the Allergy.

Lamb thanked the son and called him a hero. “He’s a little embarrassed by the praise. He believes that in his place anyone would have. But for me he is a true superstar. He’s only eight years old,” said mother. “At first I was a little scared, but then I pulled myself together and calmed down,” explained William.

In July it was reported that in the English city of Liverpool year-old boy refused to drink milk from the right breast of the mother, and thus saved her life. The woman turned to the doctor, who discovered she had cancer in the milk duct of the breast.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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