Meghan Markle decided to follow the example of Kate Middleton


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The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle realized that her reputation is ruined, and asks for advice from Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. This publication reports The Mirror, citing a source close to the Royal family.

Drop image Markle was influenced by rumors about her rift with sister-in-law Middleton together with Prince Harry’s decision to make the christening of the son of Archie Harrison closed and the use of private aircraft during the campaign in protecting the environment.

To return to the approval of the audience, it draws its inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge. The source claims that Markle refers to Middleton for advice, as it “always graceful and elegant” and “intuitive understanding of the feelings and thoughts of ordinary Britons”.

According to the source, the Duchess of Sussex’s going to appear before the society in a new role: she allegedly begin to behave modestly and tactfully, but also more like a sister-in-law.

Earlier in September, it was reported that Australian TV presenter Lizzie Kandy (Lizzie Cundy) called Markle manipulative and noted that the Duchess of Sussex “only thinks about himself”. An Australian woman has spoken out about Markle broadcast TV “60 minutes” where she was invited as a guest.

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