Named the most nasty pictures of tourists from vacation



The photograph of the feet resting on the background of the pool, sea or beach has become a leader among the possible options of vacation photos that annoy tourists. This is evidenced by the results of the research service of travel “” placed at the disposal “of the”.

The experts interrogated 2,7 thousand people to learn what images from the journeys they have least like to watch. 19 percent of respondents chose the photo with the feet, while 16 percent voted against pictures of food.

Seven percent of respondents get annoyed when the frame view from the room, bathroom or Elevator, and three percent don’t approve of pictures where women pose in bathing suits. As many tourists are fans of landscapes where there are no people.

Ten percent said that they do all the nasty photos of someone else’s vacation. On the contrary, happy to consider any pictures from travels 42 percent of respondents.

In June, law enforcement authorities warned tourists about the dangers of posting photos to social networks while on holiday. Travelers are advised not to put pictures with the rest due to the fact that the robbers will be able to calculate from the photo, they are on vacation, and to Rob their empty houses.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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