Photo of Tyson fury with 47 superimposed seams scare fans


www.vsyako.netTyson of Fioritto: @kristianevofit

Photograph of the British heavyweight boxer Tyson fury after the fight Swede Otto Wallin caused a reaction among users of social networks. Comments appeared on Twitter account of Michael Benson.

During the fight, fury’s got two cuts in the right eye. In the result he was given 47 stitches. In the comments users wrote that he had not seen “more disgusting cuts”. Some felt that the injury could affect future performances of the boxer.

“I don’t think it will heal even after six months,” wrote one. “The horror! So sorry that boxers get similar injuries,” spoke the other.

The match against the Swedish athlete ended with the victory fury judicial decision. For the British victory was the 29th in his career. After the battle, the father of a Briton said that he was unhappy with the performance of the son. According to him, fury looked weak in the match with the Swede.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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