The British Queen remained without personal bars, drinking, entourage


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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has lost its own bar, which was located at Buckingham Palace, the drinking of the staff residence. About it writes the Daily Star with reference to the show “Secrets of the Royal palaces”.

According to a former employee of the press service of Queen dick Arbiter, the staff of the Palace was carried out in the bar a lot of time, after which a decision was made to close it.

Despite rumors that Queen Elizabeth II never carries cash, especially for her at the Palace was an ATM financial institution Coutts, the newspaper writes. However, it is not specified, removed if the monarch ever cash.

In addition, there is a well equipped surgical room for emergency operations.

In June it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II left the Palace because of a rat infestation. In particular, rodents noticed in the kitchen. The building called the experts in pest control. The staff of the Royal residence had a briefing and explained how to prevent the spread of rats: it is necessary to close the Cabinet doors and remove crumbs.

Buckingham Palace was built in 1703. It has 775 rooms, 52 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms. The Palace officially controlled by the 188 members of the British Royal family. Summer Palace is visited by about 50 thousand guests who participate in receptions in the Royal garden, where there is a lake and waterfalls.

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