The Church demanded the treasure hunter the treasure of the Vikings for a million pounds


www.vsyako.netPhoto: National Museums Scotland

The Church of Scotland has filed a lawsuit against the 52-year-old treasure hunter, who does not want to share the treasures of the Vikings. This publication reports The Independent.

In 2014, Derek McLennan (Derek McLennan) from Ayr found the most valuable Viking treasure ever found in the UK. He dug up on a beach in Scotland a few silver bracelets, a gold ring, cross with enamel, Golden hairpin in the form of birds and other objects Dating from the X century. Three years later, the national Museum of Scotland got them for 1.98 million pounds (160 million).

The Church of Scotland says that the discovery was made on its remaining territory. Landowners usually do not qualify for the treasures, however, McLennan and the Church joins together a written contract. In it, the treasure hunt promises to give half of the proceeds, which will bring treasures. According to representatives of the Church, he did not keep his word and began to avoid contact. Now they intend to bring about the promised the court.

In 2018, it was reported that on the island of rĂ¼gen in Germany, treasure hunters-fans of found treasures that could hide the king Harald I Bluetooth who ruled Denmark in the late X century. During the excavations was discovered 600 coins, pearls, necklaces, rings, brooches and amulets in the form of Thor’s hammer.

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