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A Reddit user with the nickname Throwaway42042069666 asked the community about what the most bizarre preferences in sex known to them from friends and relatives. Thread for 12 hours gained more than 13 thousand comments and 39 thousand likes.

User stealingfirst told about a friend who liked edged weapons. It was nice to get up and leave cuts during intimacy. And ruser777 noted that his friend’s girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex until you are drunk.

According to the user woolmittensarewarm one day he received a letter from colleagues with a proposal to have sex with his wife. However, he explained that he was familiar with his wife, but not that close. MotterFodder remembered about a friend who has more than 15 years married, however, according to him, the couple never had sex. “Never. They tried, but to no avail. He doesn’t want to go to the doctor. They are both still virgins,” explained a user.

Link-to-the-Pastiche he wrote about a pair familiar to him, a man is like “playing in necrophilia.” According to him, the husband asks his beloved to take a very cold shower and then lie on the bed, imitating a corpse. thedavcarcol said that his wife had a friend in school who kept all the used condoms in the package under the bed.

www.vsyako.netAll the gallery””I like this crazy Empress feel!””Continue Photo: Maria Ionova-Gribina 1/16

Earlier in September, Twitter users have listed the main signs of a infidelity partner. Most users are advised to pay attention to new features in the behavior of the partner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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