The Russians conceived more to restrict access to alcohol


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The bill state Duma deputies to ban the sale of alcohol in bars and cafes with rooms service to 20 square meters, located in residential buildings, are to support the government. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

In the explanatory note to the bill States that the public acceptance for the placement of drinking establishments in areas of residential development. According to the authors of the initiative, the document must be approved for the maintenance of public order, the newspaper writes.

According to sources, the government noted that the bill could adversely affect the profitability of bona fide owners and could lead to their closure, as well as to a decrease in business activity and competition level. The “conceptual” in the Cabinet supported this initiative.

Earlier, the chief psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of health of Russia Yevgeny Bryun said that alcoholic beverages should be sold only in specialized stores, which will be located away from residential areas. “All alcohol must be displayed in large liquor stores — not in residential areas, and in the wasteland, or more or less remote distance from home,” he said. Such restrictions are only possible in large cities, recognized the Bruin. In the villages to bring the sale of alcohol away from home will not work, so in these settlements need to reduce the hours that are allowed to sell alcohol.

In June, the Ministry of health approved the bill on creation of specialized shops for sale of tobacco and alcohol. The office noted that the restriction of the sale of the products will decrease their consumption. However, the idea was not approved by the Federal Antimonopoly service and the Ministry of economic development. They felt that the opening of the spetsmagazinah much impact on other outlets.

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