The Russians have described the preparations for the funeral of his mother


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Ilia Timofeev described the process of preparing for the funeral of his mother. To bury the woman, he had to go “through bureaucratic hell.” Story men published the online edition of TJ (ТJournal).

According to Timofeev, from the autopsy, he did not give up. If the relative is not willing to conduct an autopsy of the deceased, you need to be at the morgue at 8 a.m. and write failure. “But getting up early I had still — got woken up by the doorbell. On the threshold stood the agent of the commercial funeral home. He immediately offered his services, but as soon as I hinted at calling the police instantly retreated. After 10 minutes, the agents started calling me on my mobile. At that address nor your telephone I never left,” wrote the Russian, adding that, it turned out, it contacts the funeral home received from the hospital where his mother passed away.

“Death is serious business. Who was the first to catch the stunned grief of the relatives of the person who gets all the cream, that is money,” — said Timofeev.

He also described the process of obtaining the certificate of death of his mother in the morgue during the lunch break his team. Timofeev decided to bury the mother through the state organization “the Ritual”, in which he was given a week to collect the necessary burial documents. According to Russians, the state allocates to the funeral of about 17 thousand rubles. Subsequently, he had to borrow money to pay for services such as washing the body and dressing and transportation of the body to the crematorium.

After receipt of the certificate of death of the mother Timofeev took the death certificate, for which he went into a Multifunctional center (MFC). However, the database MFTS was not at home, where he lived with died, so the extract from the house register Timofeev to could not immediately. He had to contact the social welfare centre last place of residence of the mother. After receiving the certificate, the Russians started to work with funeral.

“The day before the funeral was supposed to be in the morgue clothes for the deceased. It cost me about seven thousand roubles, I bought all new, simple but good. Mommy will look neat and beautiful. And I don’t understand why if something is expected from the state, you also need to pay extra. Speaking of rites. The funeral service for a priest, I appreciated some space amount. I refused. The amount of don’t call me a little ashamed of the Church’s structure, but God will judge them,” wrote Timofeev. He added that time “to drink and troubled” he was.

Timofeev is now at the stage of entry into the inheritance.

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