Udmurt scientists will study artificial intelligence


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Two new research laboratories were created under the Federal Udmurt research center, Ural division, Russian Academy of Sciences (Umpic UB RAS) in the framework of the national project “Science.” This was reported on the website of the research center.

As noted, one of the labs will develop biocompatible materials with programmable properties and study their interactions with living organisms. Staff second laboratory specializing in machine learning and processing big data production cyber systems will work on the creation and use of artificial intelligence techniques in the creation, training and maintenance of information and expert systems representation and use of knowledge in natural-scientific, technical and socio-humanitarian areas.

According to the Director Umpic, doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor Mikhail Alesa, a number of major defence industry companies have already expressed interest in the results of research created the laboratories. “I think that thanks to this cooperation the laboratory will be able to contribute to the development of enterprises of the Republic, and of scientific knowledge as a whole,” he said.

Allies also stressed that the laboratories will work not only experienced staff, but also young scientists, including those who received grants and scholarships of the President of Russia.

National project “Science” approved by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and should be completed by 2024. Only its implementation is planned to more than 625 billion rubles. In particular, it involves the creation in Russia of 15 scientific and educational centers of the world level, commissioning research facilities class “magicians” and the formation of an integrated system of training scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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