An unexpected cause inconvenience shoes girls laugh network users


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A resident of Scotland went to the party, confusing right Shoe on the left, and discovered his mistake the next day. Reported by the Mirror.

Aylee McGee (McGhee Ayleigh) from Glasgow spent the evening in new sandals with print in the style of snake skin and high heels. All this time she suffered from the pain it gave her a new dress, and tied her with a too small size.

The next day McGee guessed that it was not the size: the plaid just messed up the shoes. About your “failure” she decided to tell on Twitter, attaching a photo, which shows shoes and bag to match.

Social network users began to joke about McGee. “Here’s a big difference between men and women. Women think that they should suffer for the sake of fashion and men will never go out of the house, if something is uncomfortable,” commented one subscriber. “She just forgot my gym bag out of the pencil case?” — taunted the other, keeping in mind the design of the clutch. “Oh my God, I’m dying of laughter. Want the same shoes, only in the right foot,” said another commentators.

In July, chief specialist for sports medicine of the Department of health of the city of Moscow Zurab Ordzhonikidze spoke about the dangers of changing the sneakers to the heels in a single day. According to him, the transition from athletic shoes to heels and Vice versa harmful to the musculoskeletal system, as the foot not used to uncomfortable shoes. Effect on the body can be equal to the injury of moderate severity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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