An unusually long tongue has brought blogersha millions


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Instagram-blogger Saravia Mikayla (Mikayla Saravia) from Florida told me about how her long tongue helps her earn a living. Interviews with the girls took the publishing Ladbible.

The language of Saravia reaches a length of 16.5 cm while the average length of human language equal to 9 centimeters. In his Instagram account, which is signed by 2 million people, blogger often puts a photo of how she licks or tercet (dancing, so that the buttocks are shaking — approx. “Of the”). For each such post Saravia receives from 900 to three thousand dollars (57,7 up to 192,5 thousand roubles).

In addition, Saravia has its own website and app KKVSH where she sells clothes with the image of her tongue, which is registered as a trademark. On sale are t-shirts, charger, display stand and sex toys.

In 2018 the girl earned less than 50 thousand dollars (3.1 million USD), this year her income is equal to 99.5 thousand dollars (6.3 million rubles). Saravia proud of their accomplishments, and wants financial help to the family and friends.

In recognition blogers, she soon realized that she had unusual language in the sixth grade. To date she opened her own Studio and composes his music. “I’d like people to understand that I’m quite a down to earth personality,” said Saravia.

Earlier, the popular Instagram-blogersha Tiffany Mitchell (Tiffany Mitchell) is accused of staging an accident and creating an attractive image of the car crash in which people die. It happened after the girl published 10 photos of the accident with his participation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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