Deputy Klitschko was beaten in his own driveway


www.vsyako.netVladimir Kanaklata:

In Kiev unknown beat the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration (KSCA) Vladimir Konaka. This is reported by “Ukrainian news”.

Doctors Sloncek explained that he was attacked in the stairwell of his home. The doctors diagnosed men closed cherepno-a brain trauma, concussion of a brain and head injuries.

The officer put 14 stitches, doctors estimate its condition as heavy. The man had given statements to the police. It is unknown whether the attack with his professional activities.

Vladimir Koncak 12 December 2018 and holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the KSCA for the implementation of local government powers. He is also the head of the Supervisory Board of private joint stock company “holding company “Kyivmiskbud””.

24 April 2017 in Vasylkiv near Kiev skirmish with the participation of Konaka. According to the official, it was an armed attack, in which he was stabbed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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