Innocence disgraced investor from the United States was able to confirm


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti

Examination ordered by the investigation of the founder of the investment Fund Baring Vostok Michael Calvey, reiterated his arguments and recognized the fair value of the shares of the Luxembourg company IFTG at the level of 3.8 billion rubles, reports TASS.

Independent appraiser, which appealed the result, called the amount of $ 60 million, or 3.8 billion rubles. So much, in his version was worth the stake IFTG, who in February 2017 First collection Bureau (PCB) has conveyed to the Bank “East” in the repayment of debt of 2.5 billion.

All three companies had been controlled by Baring Vostok, and the decision on the forgiveness of the transaction took Calvey, what was the reason for his prosecution on charges of fraud. According to investigators, the fair value of securities amounted to 600 thousand rubles, which resulted in a loss for “East”.

Thus, evaluating it is specified that at the time of the transaction the shares were IFTG restrictions prescribed in the Charter of the company. So, the package owner could claim a dividend payment of only 3.5 thousand dollars. Subsequently, this conflict has been fixed.

Previously, other experts have come to similar conclusions. In April, the package IFTG was estimated at 3.08 billion rubles, and this estimate was approved by the arbitral Tribunal, however, the criminal court has not included it in the materials of the case, as it was part of another process. Whether the current rating is taken into account, is not specified.

Calvey was arrested in February along with five other employees Baring Vostok. They were charged with fraud. He was subsequently placed under house arrest. During the investigation, the control of the Bank “East” was transferred to the former minority shareholders of the company “Vinvin” businessman Artem Avetisyan.

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