Man acquitted of 400 absenteeism at work low mood and stress


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In Ireland, the state Agency fired the clerk for absenteeism 400 working days in a period of two years without good reason, the man appealed the dismissal. This publication reports the Independent.

In 2018, the employee came to the office 10 times, and before that missed the 400 working days during 2016 and 2017. 9 March 2018, the organization fired an employee for absenteeism and failure to provide sick leaves.

His dismissal of the clerk appealed to the labour relations Commission.

The representative of the Commission will Davnet O’driscoll (Davnet O’driscoll) decided that the decision to dismiss was made lawful. At the same time, the Agency acknowledged that “the absence of the employee on the spot watched so carefully as would have in this case.”

The employee worked in the organization since 2006 and during that time many times did not go to work, while never providing sick. As a result, he paid 19 thousand euros (about 1.3 million rubles) for the days when he actually worked.

In October 2017, the HR person contacted by the employee to invite him to a disciplinary meeting, but he did not come. When he arrived at work, the meeting decided.

Poor attendance clerk explained the stress, depression and personal tragedies. He promised to reconsider their behavior and asked to give him a chance.

According to the lawyer men, his doctor said that the Irish suffered from poor mood and anxiety.

Earlier it was reported that the Valencia court recognized the employee of the archive of the province of Carles Recio (Recio Carles) guilty “in a clear intention to miss work and not perform their duties” and forbade him to hold public office for nine years. For ten years the man was observed on security point at 07:30 in the morning, and then went about his business.

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