Named level of income for a comfortable retirement


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Comfortable standard of living after retirement can be maintained if the person’s income for post-employment remains at the level of 80-100 percent of his salary. This is stated in the study of non-state pension Fund (NPF) Sberbank of Russians ‘ spending on pensions, which went “”.

According to him, the average income of pensioners in Russia is 25 thousand rubles per month. Amount includes not only pension contributions but also additional income, for example, the help of relatives. Meanwhile, the average income of participants of the NPF pensions is 38.5 thousand rubles per month.

Sberbank said that the Russians who self-hoarding no pension after retirement has less to save. Thus, about 60 percent of clients NPF spend on food is less than half the monthly income. The whole of Russia, pensioners on the minimum set of food takes 4 632 rubles a month when the average pension is 15.4 thousand rubles, according to Rosstat data for the second quarter of 2019.

In addition, retired members of NPF less to save on clothes, entertainment, active leisure and travelling more. Among them after his retirement in Russia continue to drive about 20 percent, at least once a year go abroad for about 11 percent.

Earlier it was reported that the new system of funded pensions, in which the Russians will be able to Finance a pension at the expense of personal income, can enter into force in 2021. The Ministry of Finance noted that while in Russia the level of personal participation of citizens in formation of personal pension income is low.

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