Russians angered spelling errors on the monument of the city-heroes of world war II


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In the town of Tuapse, Krasnodar territory, a monument to the cities-heroes of the great Patriotic war with spelling errors. About it reports “online Region”.

According to the publication, the authors of the monument forgot to put the hyphen in the phrase “city of heroes” and properly declined the word “fallen” instead of “memorial” on the monument says “in memory of the fallen”.

Also, the locals noticed that among the hero-cities is Volgograd, not Stalingrad, while the Leningrad was changed to St. Petersburg. In addition, on Minsk, Brest fortress, Kiev and Odessa.

In a press-service of city administration said that currently the monument is closed, all errors will be corrected.

Previously on the monument to the fallen in the Great Patriotic war in dipkun village, tyndinsky district, after the restoration appeared the NATO soldiers. The monument about 20 years, and at the end of restoration work in the hands of soldiers having assault rifles M-16 army of the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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