The baby stopped growing due to a mysterious illness


www.vsyako.netAdeline and Steph of Davidsonville: @adelinebluesjourn

In the Scottish town of Alness year-old girl stopped growing because of a sickness that doctors can’t diagnose. About this newspaper the Daily Mirror.

Adeline Davidson (Adeline Davidson) was born in November 2016. Soon found a newborn intestinal obstruction and successfully conducted the operation. Then her health temporarily improved.

Later 25-year-old mother Stef noticed that her daughter looks too pale. The woman decided to show Adeline the pediatrician but to get an appointment was only 5 Feb 2019. The doctor performed a blood test and suggested that the girl has leukemia. However, subsequent inspection did not confirm the diagnosis.

Adeline was transferred to a larger hospital and has conducted a number of tests revealed in the girl’s body a low level of platelets, erythrocytes, and leukocytes. Because of this young patient, pale skin, fatigue, trouble breathing and bruising on her body.

In March, the doctors came to the conclusion that only some of the symptoms similar the patient with myelodysplasia, a blood cancer and disruption of the bone marrow. Neither one of the diseases does not fully reflect the condition of Adeline.

At the moment the girl critically in need of a bone marrow transplant, but a suitable donor was not found yet. She regularly receives blood transfusions to prolong life.

According to Steph, because of a mysterious illness the body of her daughter ceased to grow: the child looks much younger than his peers. “But it is well kept. Even when she becomes ill, she does not mind, says mother. — She is active, cheerful and beautiful little girl. The disease does not prevent her to enjoy life.”

In June it was reported that the secretly lost the ability to walk again without crutches because of the Breasts, grown to abnormal sizes. The doctors can’t offer her any treatment and diagnosis. They only made sure that the patient is not suffering from cancer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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