The father refused to daughter down the aisle because my stepdad and angered users of the network


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A Reddit user under the nickname anonymous150000 told that she refuses to go to daughter’s wedding due to the fact that there is going to be her stepfather. In the comments the man was advised to reconsider its position.

The author of the post stated that divorced his wife when their child was six years old. Years later he found out that his wife remarried, and his stepfather and his daughter had a good relationship. The user remembered that he had asked the daughter not to call her stepfather dad. According to him, he is very hard experienced a breakup with the family.

Now the man received a wedding invitation of her daughter, where she is asked to lead her down the aisle along with her stepfather. She explained that she wants to keep a promise to see him at the wedding is not a simple guest. However, the user protested the participation of the stepfather in the ceremony. He said he’s not coming to the event because of him.

In the comments, users were furious with his ultimatum. Mcwedlav stressed that in the post the author says a lot about yourself while talking about his daughter’s wedding. “Sounds like he thinks he’s the most important part of the wedding. Very immature”, he added. According to ChronicKhaleesi, user jealous ex-wife and daughter. He added that the man should forget about feelings and to compromise for the sake of the daughter and not force her to make a choice.

Earlier in September on Reddit became viral story about how the bride asked that his sick with cancer a friend’s wedding in a wig. The girl admitted that she does not want to comply with the request of the bride.

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