The head physician of the Russian hospital was fired for beating the head


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Accused of beating fellow physician at children’s hospital in Astrakhan Igor Levinson dismissed by results of office check. It is reported TASS with reference to the Ministry of health of the region.

“Having studied all the materials of the incident, the decision on the dismissal of Levinsona. While the duties of the chief will be Deputy chief physician for surgery,” Savile in the Department.

Previously head of children’s Advisory polyclinic told of beatings. In the group of “Astrakhan VKонтакте” posted a video taken of the victim. The video shows footage from surveillance cameras in the hospital, which is seen as the physician enters the room and smashes on the floor an object. People look at what is happening and do nothing. Then head interviewing witnesses who confirmed that the man broke her phone.

“No one came to help the woman, just stood and complied with [the orders]. Because just yesterday, was dismissed chief of staff, and today we have a new one. Just because we have 40 dismissed with the arrival of Levinson and Levinson employs only its employees,” said the victim in the video.

Police are verifying the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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