The hero of the Second World and got married with a man of 92 years


www.vsyako.netGeorge Montague (left) with agentto: Caters News / Mirror

96-year-old hero of world war II George Montagu told how decided to disclose their sexual orientation and to get married with a man after more than 20 years of life with his wife and three children. About it reports The Mirror.

During world war II, Montagu served in the naval air force of great Britain. He was afraid of getting arrested and disappoint my mother, so concealed orientation for several decades.

In 1981, his mother died. By this time, Montague was already married and was the father of three children. According to him, his wife knew he was gay before they got married. She said she would be better married to a gay man than remain single.

In 1997, the 73-year-old Montague met my current husband somca, which at that time was 50 years. Wife of Montague said, “I have been with you for 21 years. Your new partner may hold with you all the time”.

Now calls himself Montague “the oldest gay in the village”. “I spent most of my life, hiding his identity. Now I want to shout it from the rooftops. No one should feel that he can not love another person just because of sex,” says the veteran.

According to BBC News, the 2015 Montague and Somchai has registered a formal marriage after 18 years of marriage. Now, the veteran of 96 years. Every year he participates in a gay parade in the UK. Montague promises that you will live to be a hundred and will rejoice in his guidance and love that surrounds him, to the end of his days.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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