The most delicious cheese in Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Denis Abramov / RIA Novosti

Expert centre of the Union of consumers “Roskontrol” held the research of Russian hard rennet cheese popular national brands. Test reports are available “”.

In testing was attended by the product brand “Rovenki”, “Coswell”, “Magnet”, “Syromolotov”, “Every day” and “First”. Samples were purchased directly in stores where buy ordinary consumers. The bitterness in the aftertaste and atypical taste felt experts, trying Poshehonskiy cheese brands “Coswell”, “Magnet”, “Syromolotov” and “Every day”. The taste of cheese “First” and “Rovenki” experts have called mild. Safety test passed all the tested products.

In all tested samples the nitrates in residual amounts not exceeding the maximum allowable. However, it is stated in the labeling only two instances: “Every day” and “Magnet”. According to experts, less salt was in the sample from the “Unusually”, the most salt — “Rovenki”, the champion of calcium cheese “First cause” lagging “Magnet”.

At the end of 2018 “Roskontrol” was screened hundreds of samples of cheese of different varieties. 24 samples were recognized as high quality and recommended for use. The best among them: “Russian” by Valio; “Serbian cheese”, “A La Kajmak” and “Syrko of Mlekara Sabac”; “Lionheart” and “Baked milk” from the brand “Joy of taste”; “Gouda” and “Processed ham” from “Syromolotova”, “Maasdam” and “Gouda” from “Zoloto Evropy” and “Maasdam” from “Caboc”.

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