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São Jorge di Arrows in Lisbon, Portugal, became the most interesting tourist area in the world. This is evidenced by the results of the ranking published by online travel and leisure Time Out.

According to experts, Arrows is a multicultural centre where tourists can get acquainted with street art, historical heritage, cuisine of different Nations of the world, as well as authentic underground culture.

On the second place in the list includes the district, Shimo-of Kitazawa in Tokyo, Japan. The site says that this place is famous for its vintage shops and restaurants with local spicy dishes.

It was followed by Onikan in Lagos, Nigeria. In this area, travelers come here for a variety of architecture, through which traces the history of the city from the colonial era to contemporary monumental buildings in the Western style.

The fourth was a multicultural wedding district in Berlin. “The district is full of lively markets, traditional pubs, large-scale public places, serving a wide range of local residents. From the classic German pub to underground art shows, Wedding is exactly what gave the German capital its power” — say the authors of the rating.

Fifth place went to the Historic Filipino town in Los Angeles. Experts call this place a mixture of cultures, which, in contrast to many developing areas of the city, retains its own authentic character. The area includes some of the most interesting new restaurants Los Angeles and tourists can enjoy sightseeing, walking on the traditional Filipino jeepneys.

Also in the top ten Time Out entered the Waterfront district in the Australian city of Hobart, the district of Saint-Denis in Paris, Astoria in new York, embajadores in Madrid and Pilsen in Chicago.

Regions of the Russian cities in the list were not included.

In September, Spain was named the best country for traveling in the world. Experts analyzed several factors, for example, access to natural resources and cultural attractions, infrastructure and economic indicators. Thus, Spain scored 5.4 points in ranking, which is 0.3 points higher than the rate in 2017.

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