The Russians opposed the influx of migrant workers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

More than half of Russians (72 percent) said the need to limit the influx of labour migrants in the country. This is evidenced by the results of the survey “Levada-center”, published on the organization’s website Wednesday, September 18.

So, according to sociologists, residents do not welcome the influx of foreign workers. Supported migration policy of the government only nine percent of the respondents are indifferent to it turned out to be 15 percent of respondents.

In addition, it is noted that the share of Russians who does not welcome the influx of labor from abroad is growing; in 2017, this opinion is shared by 58 percent, in 2018 — already 67 percent. At the same time indifferent to migration policy in the country of Russians has decreased in two times compared with 2017 (when the share of the respondents, thus, amounted to 30 percent).

Sociologists point out that xenophobic attitudes in the country are rising due to external causes. “Given that the study was conducted after the conflict of the Gypsies with the local population in the village of Chemodanovka and during local election campaigns, which addressed the theme of “migrant crime and ghetto”, we can assume that the growing attention to the subject of migrants was due to external reasons”, — stated in the message on the organization’s website.

The survey was conducted from 22 to 28 August 2019 among 1608 respondents over 18 years.

On 14 June there was a mass fight of people of Chemodanovka with the Gypsies. Killed one man, two got to the hospital. Was detained 174 persons, six were sentenced to fines and compulsory work. After the conflict, the Gypsies left the village, but then some decided to return. According to official data, in the territory of the village Council Chemodanovka was about 650 Roma.

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