The white sea canal proposed to include part of the Northern sea route


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The leadership of Karelia has suggested to include the white sea-Baltic canal (BBK) in the Northern sea route (NSR). This was announced by Deputy Minister for roads, transport and communications of the region Vitaly Spiridonov. His words are given on the website of the portal “the Future of Russia. National projects”.

“Expanding the dimensions of the channel to increase its capacity for vessels of 8 thousand tons and more, can become a project for the development of infrastructure, increase production and export potential of the Arctic territories, which assists in the implementation of existing national projects,” — said Spiridonov.

The white sea-Baltic canal connects the White sea with lake Onega. The construction of the canal was from 1931 to 1933 with the use of prison labor. The Volga-Baltic canal (Volgo-Baltic waterway) was built in the 19th century, reconstruction took place in 1964.

The Northern sea route started to operate in 1932. This is the shortest way between the ports of Western Europe, Russia, the Far East and Southeast Asia. The Russian authorities plan to increase freight traffic through the Northern sea route to 80 million tons by 2024. In 2017 on the road passed 194 thousand tons of cargo. By far the most active country using the Northern sea route, after Russia, is China. The development of the Northern sea route meets the objectives of the national project “Comprehensive plan of modernization and development of infrastructure”, which runs until 2024.

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