Ukrainian “Virgin” has become a threat to the space ship in the US


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @BigelowSpace

A Soviet satellite and electronic intelligence (RTR) “Space-1300” American inflatable spacecraft Genesis II in the near future may face, writes on Twitter, the company Bigelow Aerospace.

“Today, the air force [air forces] the United States has notified us that there is a probability of 5.6% that Genesis II 15 hours face end of the Russian companion “Space-1300″. Although this is a relatively small probability, it is noticeable that low earth orbit is becoming increasingly littered”, — stated in the message.

In September of tracker data it followed that a Russian military satellite inspector “Space-2521” is no longer in earth orbit as disintegrated into parts.

In December 2017, Soviet military reconnaissance satellite “Kosmos-1346”, also referring to a series of “Tselina-D”, was destroyed in the skies over Chile, and its fragments, likely drowned in the Pacific ocean.

Inflatable spacecraft, Genesis 2, developed by the American company Bigelow Aerospace, launched in June 2007 rocket “Dnepr” from positional area dombarovskiy (Orenburg oblast).

Detailed satellite reconnaissance “Space-1300” series “Tselina-D”, developed and produced by the Ukrainian SSR, was launched in August 1981, the rocket “Cyclone-3” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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