Dental implants are a recognized threat


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The surface of the sterile implant is not ideal, as it traces impregnation of inorganic compounds and a large number of extraneous chemical elements that can trigger the development of peri-implantitis. A study of scientists of the Siberian Federal University and the Institute of medical problems of North, Russian Academy of Sciences published in the journal “Dentistry”.

According to experts, dental implants may cause peri-implantitis, common treatment which is the use of laser technology. In this study, the authors evaluated morphological and elemental composition of different types of implant surfaces (diagnosed with peri-implantitis) of three different manufacturers, subjected to laser processing.

“The surface of the experimental implants with diagnosis of peri-implantitis is heavily polluted chemical elements, and the number such as carbon (C), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), silicon (Si) and others are formed on the surface during inflammation, is substantial,” the scientists write.

Experts say that laser treatment helps to reduce contamination of the surfaces of the experimental implants. “Perhaps the effect of the laser not only allows you to decontaminated surface from bacteria, but clean from impurities, which can induce an immune response from the body, which in turn may impact on poor prognosis the treatment of peri-implantitis,” conclude the authors.

In March, scientists at Columbia University (USA) stated that a common mouth bacteria, which is involved in the process of tooth decay and periodontitis, increases the risk of colon cancer.

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