Described the last days of her life, died of an incurable disease ex-player of “Zenith”


www.vsyako.netFernando Ricepot: RIA Novosti

Friend and biographer Fernando Riksena Vincent de Vries spoke about the status of a former football player in the last days of his life. His words are quoted AD.

De Vries said that he had seen haggard Riksena 10 days before his death. According to him, the former footballer tried to through computer to explain to others that you are very tired. “Fernando, there were bad days, but he always overcame them. And then I realized that he will not be able to do it,” said one athlete.

De Vries added that the last three days, the Dutchman was almost unconscious. “His life was short but beautiful. In fact, he had lived 2-3 years longer than expected,” he concluded.

Ricksen died on 18 Sep. Since 2013, the Dutch struggled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. An incurable disease had deprived the former footballer of the question and completely paralyzed him. He refused euthanasia and last days spent in a hospice in Scotland.

The player known for his “Glasgow Rangers” and “Zenith”. In the Russian team he won the national championship and also won the Cup and the UEFA super Cup.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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