Model shamed for suffering because of the flight economy class


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Canadian supermodel and activist with vitiligo (a skin pigmentation condition) Winnie Harlow complained about a cancelled flight and was cursed subscribers. Post with negative comments appeared to her Instagram on Thursday, September 19.

Harlow said that already four days did not sleep due to the rich program of fashion week. Arriving at the airport to fly on the next photo shoot, she found out her flight was canceled. “Then I bought tickets for the next flight, but we had to sacrifice seats in business class to get there in time for a Grand shooting”, — said the model. Then she added that, probably, someone will not see this as a problem, but her flight is the only way to get some sleep between shows.

Fans of the supermodel did not approve the complaint and criticized her for her pickiness. “People fly economy every day, this is really no big deal!” — said one of them. “Wow… Poor thing… had to buy one additional place that you could put on his feet and not to sit with us commoners? In addition, it is very important to wear Prada to show others that you really don’t belong to their class… Incredible,” taunted another user. “The kids are miles every day to get to school. While others are starving. Poor Little Winnie!” —picked up the third. “I feel sorry for you. Had to abandon business class! This is the only problem in your life?” — mocked fourth.

Winnie Harlow spoke in his own defense. According to her, if the class of service really mattered, she would have just waited for the next flight. In fact, his post she wanted to show that work is more important to her the way that she getting close to her.

In September, Winnie Harlow has become the face of cosmetics brand KKW Beauty, which was founded by TV star Kim Kardashian West. After starting the line in the last account there was a picture where she’s sitting on the floor in the arms of Harlow, dressed in a transparent black jumpsuit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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